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This 16th-century Renaissance estate combines the history of a Bohemian noble family, the beauty of the Czech countryside, and one of central Europe’s most important art collections. 
Tucked away in the pleasant countryside south of Dresden, Weesenstein is a majestic site perched on its wooded eyrie above the valley. 
Located on the banks of the River Elbe and only a short distance from central Dresden, Pillnitz Castle is architecturally unique and visually stunning. 
Shooting up from a stone spur overlooking a quiet river bend, Kriebstein offers a scenic slice of Medieval history. 
There’s a lot to love in this medieval city enamoured with Otto the Great and Otto von Guericke, including the country's first Gothic cathedral. 
This historic city was heavily damaged in the Second World War but is now restored to its former glory and features two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 
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