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While the first record of the city of Timisoara dates back to 1212, the area has been inhabited since 200 BC, and is home to a vibrant cultural scene and buzzing nightlife. 
Beautiful views abound amongst the fortified walls and residential ruins of this 13th century fortress. 
A tentative UNESCO Site, this ancient city within a Baroque Star Fort has been center stage for nearly every major point in Transylvanian history. 
Learn about the local folk traditions, from the UNESCO-listed Transylvanian practice of fortified churches, to the best way to store cured meats. 
The largest and wealthiest of the walled cities made by German settlers, Sibiu has maintained its rich cultural heritage. 
This medieval fortress, which now houses a museum, was the strongest in the region, and a Renaissance makeover gave it an air of elegance. 
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