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Google “Most Beautiful Castle in the Czech Republic” and this thirteenth-century gem that lies close to the town of České Budějovice is certain to appear 
There're no shortages of 'fairy-tale' castles in the Czech Republic, but if Konopištĕ is to be included among this trite category it should be noted that its 'fairy tale' is one of the darkest of all. 
With the greater part of the Czech Tourism Industry focused on distant centuries it's important to be aware how profoundly the horrors of the Twentieth Century marked the country. 
A castle has stood atop Koingstein Hill since 1233 and it has a history just as long, varied and exciting as one would expect! 
The Bastei is a one million-year-old rock formation regarded by many as the highlight of the Saxon Switzerland National Park in Germany. 
Tucked away in the pleasant countryside south of Dresden, Weesenstein is a majestic site perched on its wooded eyrie above the valley. 
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