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This Romanesque bridge is one of the finest examples of medieval civil architecture on the Pilgrims’ Way. 
This Classicist church offers all the regality of a Cathedral in a charming provincial setting, complete with nesting storks. 
Built in the 12th century and remodelled several times throughout history, Tarazona Cathedral features elements of Gothic, Mudéjar, Renassiance, and Baroque styles 
The fortress-like facade of Sigüenza's cathedral alludes to its origins as a local power-play between bishops, while ornamentation added later speaks to its status. 
Closely tied to the Dukes of Infantado, this ancient city owes its wealth of monuments to their fortunes. 
The 16th century University, not to mention the author Cervantes, of this UNESCO-listed city have left an indelible mark on the Spanish language and culture. 
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