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When approaching the Alpine town of Kufstein in Austria, there is one landmark that can be seen for miles around and is impossible to miss – The Kufstein Fortress. 
The Ruckl family spent centuries honing their craft to become one of the world’s most renowned producers of glass and crystal. 
Although actually a city in Bavaria, Rosenheim more closely resembles a picture book town with its distinctive alpine charm and sweeping panoramic mountain views. 
Opening in 1933 primarily for political prisoners, in its ravenous twelve year existence Dachau swallowed over 200,000 people from all over Europe. 
The UNESCO-listed Old Town of this sleepy riverside city is the largest north of the Alps, and home to the world's longest continuously operating eatery. 
The birthplace of golden lager has plenty of reminders of its rich history, including the world's third largest synagogue. 
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