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The Soave Castle is located in the province of Verona in the small town of Soave. This medieval military artifact represents one of the best examples of castle architecture in Veneto. 
The Caves of Catullus have a winding history, but the pieces that remain today are breathtaking nonetheless. 
The Varone Waterfall, one of the most popular natural attraction on upper Lake Garda, provides an up close and personal look at its nearly 100 meter drop. 
The medieval Village of Canale is enchanting with history living and breathing magic in every inch of the town. 
The Ferrari Winery, located in Trento, Italy is dedicated to the original methods of Giulio Ferrari, pioneer of the first Champagne-method wines. 
The city of Bolzano is located in northern Italy on the border with Switzerland and Austria. It blends northern European and Mediterranean culture to form an eclectic bond. 
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