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This UNESCO site was built as a summer palace for the King of Prussia, offering as a retreat from political and social pressures. 
Inspired by developments in Italian and French architecture and English landscape gardening, Prince Leopold III of Anhalt-Dessau began at Worlitz what became the first landscape garden in continental Europe. 
Altenburg is located in the country previously known in cold war times as East Germany but after reunification in 1990 now lies at the heart of Central Germany 
Tucked away in a tiny Saxon village, this 800 year old castle will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the Middle Ages. 
Flossenburg is home to a little-known but intensely moving concentration camp and Flossenburg Castle ruins that lie in Bavaria, close to the Czech border. 
Amberg in Bavaria, Germany boasts the world’s smallest hotel standing at just 8.2 feet — one of a multitude of impressive tourist attractions in the town. 
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