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The town of Tata is surrounded by wonderful nature, including imposing large lakes. Many events take place during the summer, making Tata a great pitstop. 
The Benedictine Pannonhalma Archabbey built in 996 is one of the oldest historical monuments in Hungary and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
In addition to six universities, the second largest city in Austria can boast a UNESCO World Heritage Site — the Alstadt von Gratz, also know as ‘The Old Town’. 
This medieval castle was transformed into a noble residence, and is still home to its resident nobles. 
With one of Europe’s largest art collections, an impressive library, and idyllic setting, this medieval monastery is a wonder. 
Breathtaking views and adventure awaits atop the Pyramidenkogel mountain, located in southern Austria just a few kilometers from the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. 
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