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Until the Thirty Years War Kreuzenstein had never been conquered. It then fell into the hands of the Swedes, who, leaving with a bang, reduced much of it rubble. 
This medieval town on the banks of the Danube is renowned for its historic charms and wine-growing tradition. 
Aggstein castle ruins sit 1000 feet above the River Danube, boldly perched at the top of a narrow rock ridge 
Located on a small arm of Strauss' 'Beautiful Blue Danube' this quiet town still retains an imperial air. 
The historic and charming town of Znojmo sits majestically on a rocky outcrop overlooking the River Dyje in the heart of the Czech wine region. 
This UNESCO-listed chateau and sprawling park was the Lichtenstein's holiday home - exactly the kind of extravagance you'd expect from a dynasty with their own country.  
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