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Once known as Alcalá de los Panaderos (Alcalá of the Bakers), this town is known for much more than having once been the primary source of bread for nearby Seville. 
This unique palace was built inside the Moorish Castle of Fontanar, of which visitors can still see the old wall and Tower of Homage. 
This medieval Pueblo Blanco paints a pretty picture with its hillside position, topped with a castle. 
As the highest and most mountainous municipality in the province of Cádiz, Grazalema is known for its dramatic scenery, beautiful nature, and traditional white-washed houses. 
Declared a Protected Area of Artistic and Historical Importance in 1983, Olvera is a picturesque Spanish town with a fascinating—and often disputed—history. 
Built directly into a rock face, this unique village is famed for its stoic defense during the Christian reconquest. 
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