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This tentative UNESCO Site was built by the beloved king Charles IV to safeguard the Czech crown jewels, and the Imperial Regalia of the Holy Roman Empire. 
Experience the romance of the chateau known as “The Chateau of the Three Emperors”, located in the picturesque landscape of the Krivoklat Forest 20 minutes drive from Prague. 
The birthplace of golden lager has plenty of reminders of its rich history, including the world's third largest synagogue. 
Amberg in Bavaria, Germany boasts the world’s smallest hotel standing at just 8.2 feet — one of a multitude of impressive tourist attractions in the town. 
Having miraculously escaped the Swedish and World War II, this color-filled town is perhaps the most authentically medieval in the region. 
This whimsical world of plush toys comes courtesy of the inventor of the Teddy Bear. 
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