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The ruins of this tiny village are now a National Cultural Monument serving as a chilling memorial to Nazi brutality. 
Vlkoklinec is a small village in Central Slovakia where historical traditions, houses, lifestyles, and crafts are still preserved today and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Beckov Castle ruins are located in the Trenčín Region of Slovakia and today, these ancient ruins come alive with the feel of the past 
The two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in this quiet town are a beautiful testament to the co-existence of Jewish and Christian cultures. 
Centuries of one-upmanship has blessed this UNESCO-listed town with some of the most beautiful Renaissance and Baroque architecture in the country. 
Some cities, as 'Starship' sang, are built on rock 'n' roll but Kutná Hora was built on silver, a more durable substance, and almost as profitable. 
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