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Housed in the Nádasdy Castle in the heart of Sárvár, the Ference Nádasdy Museum features a series of must-see permanent and temporary exhibitions. 
Situated half-way between Vienna and the Hungarian capital, Gyor is the richest town in terms of historic buildings outside of Budapest. 
The Benedictine Pannonhalma Archabbey built in 996 is one of the oldest historical monuments in Hungary and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
The town of Tata is surrounded by wonderful nature, including imposing large lakes. Many events take place during the summer, making Tata a great pitstop. 
One of the oldest and most original English-style parks in Hungary, Alscúti Arboretum offers plenty to do and see during your visit. 
Beethoven composed "Für Elise" in this lavish castle, which now has a museum dedicated to him. 
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