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Amberg in Bavaria, Germany boasts the world’s smallest hotel standing at just 8.2 feet — one of a multitude of impressive tourist attractions in the town. 
The Benedictine monastery at Kladrubsky is listed on the World Monuments Fund, the organization dedicated to saving the world’s most treasured sites. 
With its beer-loving student population and no-nonsense manufacturing workers, Plzeň offers quite a refreshing contrast with the conscious elegance of nearby Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Láznĕ. 
Experience the romance of the chateau known as “The Chateau of the Three Emperors”, located in the picturesque landscape of the Krivoklat Forest 20 minutes drive from Prague. 
It seems quite extraordinary that one of nature’s most spectacular creations remains close to urban life but lies at the heart of the protected Czech karst 
Ask any resident of Prague for a tip on a quick getaway from the city and the chances are that Karlštejn Castle will be number one on their list 
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