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Located at an important crossing with the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and the much-disputed borders of the Iberian kingdoms, Logroño became one of the region’s most important urban centres of the Middle Ages. 
This Classicist church offers all the regality of a Cathedral in a charming provincial setting, complete with nesting storks. 
This 12th century cathedral contains countless sculptures - from its front door, to the column capitals, to the inside of its domed roof. 
One of the birthplaces of Mudejar architecture, the city is still overflowing with examples of this distinct architectural style, earning it a place on the UNESCO list. 
Frequently on the front lines of Spain’s tumultuous past, the citadel overlooking the city is a constant reminder of its history. 
Tarragona’s past as a rich Roman colony is still evident in the ruins scattered throughout this Spanish port city. 
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