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The Buchenwald Memorial is built on the site of the former concentration camp in Germany and honors the thousands who perished there under the Nazis. 
The one-time Republic capital, this sleepy city's classical buildings make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
This twelfth-century university town in the ‘green heart’ of Germany is little-known, but has everything and more that a modern-day German city should have. 
Referred to by some as ‘the new Berlin’, Leipzig is a city on the up after undergoing major regeneration in the last 25 years. 
Inspired by developments in Italian and French architecture and English landscape gardening, Prince Leopold III of Anhalt-Dessau began at Worlitz what became the first landscape garden in continental Europe. 
Potsdam was the pre-World War I residence of Prussian Kings and German Kaisers and is home to Germany's largest UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
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