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Built in less than a year, these seventeenth-century churches are the largest timber-framed religious buildings in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Walbryzch in Poland lies close to the Czech border in protected landscape and is home to the magnificent Ksiaz Castle, the city’s top tourist attraction. 
Adršpach “Rock City” is made up of sandstone that has been eroded over thousands of years into remarkable rock formations that you won’t find anywhere else. 
What was once an elite spa with fountains of wine, racetracks and Italian operas was washed away in 1740, although part of that grandeur still remains today. 
This historic chateau was first mentioned as far back as 1068 and is a National Cultural Monument of the Czech Republic. 
Some cities, as 'Starship' sang, are built on rock 'n' roll but Kutná Hora was built on silver, a more durable substance, and almost as profitable. 
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