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Situated in the Riviera di Ponente on the Mediterranean Sea, Savona boasts culture, tradition, and an elegant medieval center. 
Sanremo's most impressive feature is its beautiful stretch of beach lying along Italy's western Mediterranean coast. 
Hugging a knife-edge of hillside, linked by tunnels, alleyways, bridges and terraces, this hidden gem looks like it hasn’t changed in centuries. 
The curved bridge over a quiet river, leading to stone houses overlooked by an ancient castle is sure to leave as much an impression on you as it did Monet. 
Skyrocketed to fame when Grace Kelly married Prince Ranie III, this seaside city-state is heady with the scent of the sea, and prosperity. 
With whimsical gardens and opulent ornamentation, this stunning villa-turned-art museum offers a fascinating look into the private lives of the super-rich. 
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