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Founded by the crown prince, Hungary’s medieval capital has retained its noble heritage. 
Located in Hungary, Tihany is definitely a sight to see and remember, as it was the 2014 winner of the European Village Renewal Award.  
The Thermal Lake of Hévíz is the largest biologically active thermal lake in the world. Bathe in the water lily spotted waters and experience a relaxation you can only dream of. 
The small town of Lendava lies at the foothills of vineyards in a wine-growing region near the Hungarian border. Its multicultural traditions serve as an ode to the past. 
The city of Varazdin is one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets. Once the capital of Croatia, Varazin is a charming and picturesque city worth visiting. 
Zagreb, Croatia’s largest city, is a popular city-break destination spot. It has historical and cultural heritage rooted in Central European culture and mixed with Mediterranean and Balkan tradition. 
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