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Constructed by the Liechtenstein dynasty’s founder around 1130, the castle passed into the hands of other nobility and was only reacquired by the dynasty in 1807. 
Franzenburg Castle sits on an island in a lake in the park grounds and is the most impressive structure in the Austrian Laxenburg Castle complex. 
This imposing fourteenth-century castle survived the Turkish invasion of 1529 and today is home to one of the largest private weapons collection in Europe. 
This medieval castle was transformed into a noble residence, and is still home to its resident nobles. 
With one of Europe’s largest art collections, an impressive library, and idyllic setting, this medieval monastery is a wonder. 
Breathtaking views and adventure awaits atop the Pyramidenkogel mountain, located in southern Austria just a few kilometers from the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. 
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