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Bavarian specialties at a typical Biergarten

7½ Ways to Blend in with the Locals in Germany

While we can’t do anything about the mumbling, tutting, and eye-rolling you might get from locals as you stop dead in your tracks to snap yet another picture of that castle in the distance, we do have some tips to help you avoid standing out like Paris Hilton at a […]

5 Best Medieval Hideaways for This Winter

5 Best Medieval Hideaways for This Winter

Winter comes and the noise of countless chit-chatting tourists magically disappears. Snow settles down and mutes everything down to the sound of your footsteps, and suddenly it’s just you in a timeless mood, immersing yourself in an intimate whisper with the thousand-year-old walls that cautiosly begin to unravel their untold mysteries. We’ve selected five beautiful European towns and castles […]