About traveling from Panajachel to Antigua

Panajachel is one of Guatemala’s most visited destinations, so it is not surprising it is easily accessible from the Antigua. Antigua being a UNESCO world heritage site is one of Guatemala’s most visited destinations with colonial Spanish architecture, monuments and ruins.

When you’re ready for an experience filled with some of nature’s most amazing scenic views, Panajachel is the perfect getaway, located on the shore of Lake Atitlan with picturesque volcanos to make for a truly unforgettable experience.

If you decide to take a car transfer from Panajachel to Antigua, you can also enjoy some exceptional sights, La Azotea for coffee enthusiasts, the cultural Museo Casa Del Tejido Antiguo, Valhalla Macadamia Farm for the foodies and Iximche for the historians.

How to get from Panajachel to Antigua

There are different ways to travel from Panajachel to Antigua, depending on your preference and budget. For travellers on a budget, the cheapest way to travel from Panajachel to Antigua is by bus. A private car or taxi is the fastest and best way to travel from Panajachel to Antigua. It’s also the best way to travel from Panajachel to Antigua for convenience and the opportunity to sightsee along the way. 

Panajachel to Antigua by bus

The bus is the cheapest way to get from Panajahcel to Antigua, but be aware that this is the longest option and the route the bus takes is through the mountain roads. 

Tickets can be purchased at the Calle Principal, buses are scheduled to run once per day and the journey takes around 3 hours, traffic dependent.

Panajachel to Antigua by bus

Time intervals

1 time per day

First/Last Departure


Avg. Price



80 km


3 Hours

Operating Companies

Guatemala Local Buses

Panajachel to Antigua Private Car Transfer

For speed and convenience, a private car transfer with Daytrip is the best way to travel from Panajachel  to Antigua. You will be picked up at your accommodation in Panajachel, and the driver will take care of your luggage. You’ll then be able to enjoy door-to-door service to your accommodation in Antigua, and can even add sightseeing stops on the way!

Book a Private Car Transfer from Panajachel to Antigua

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