About traveling from Bucharest to Sofia

Both Bucharest and Sofia are two unmissable capital cities in any Eastern Europe tour. Enjoy medieval history and impressive architecture in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, the “Paris of the East”. In Sofia, Bulgaria’s pleasantly laid-back capital, experience a unique combination of architecture, culture, and beautiful views beneath the Vitosha mountain.

There is much to see traveling from Bucharest to Sofia, such as the “resting place” of Dracula at Comana Monastery, the underground Cathedral of Sveta Troitsa, the UNESCO-listed Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo, historical Pleven, Prohodna Caves, and the obscured beauty of Kremikovtsi Monastery. However, the only way to experience these sites is to book a private car transfer with Daytrip.

How to get from Bucharest to Sofia

If you’re travelling from Bucharest to Sofia, you have a few travel options. For travelers on a budget, the bus is the cheapest way to travel from Bucharest to Sofia. The fastest way to travel from Bucharest to Sofia is by train or car, though a car is of course the best way to travel from Bucharest to Sofia since it’s so convenient. There are direct flights from Bucharest to Sofia, although the hassle of additional baggage fees, hotel taxis, and airport security make it the most troublesome option.

Bucharest to Sofia by train

To travel from Bucharest to Sofia by train, you need to get to Bucuresti nord and purchase a ticket to Sofia central station as tickets are not available online. The only train departs at 12:50PM, arriving the next day. The train from Bucharest to Sofia is operated by CFR Căile Ferate Române, with train tickets from Bucharest to Sofia costing €30 for the 9 hrs 30 minutes trip. The distance from Bucharest to Sofia is about 400 kilometers. 

Trains have bathrooms on board and no restaurant car. This train is only direct between June-October.

Bucharest to Sofia by train 
Time intervalsOnce daily
First/Last Departure 12:50PM
Avg. Price 2 persons€60
Duration9 hrs 30 mins
Operating CompaniesCFR Căile Ferate Române

Bucharest to Sofia by bus

To travel from Bucharest to Sofia by bus, there are three different stations you can depart from and arrive at. While you can buy your ticket at the station, it’s best to purchase them in advance. The earliest bus is at 06:15 AM, and the last bus is at 11:30PM. The main bus from Bucharest to Sofia is run by Flixbus, with bus tickets from Bucharest to Sofia costing about €15 for the 7 hour trip. The morning buses are nearly 9 hours long. The distance from Bucharest to Sofia is about 384 kilometers for a direct transfer. Departures are either very early in the morning before 7:00AM or late in the evening after 11:30PM.

Bucharest to Sofia by bus 
Time intervals3 a day
First/Last Departure06:30 AM, 07:30AM, 11:30PM
Avg. Price 2 persons€30
Duration~7 hr
Operating CompaniesFlixbus, CDI Transport

Bucharest to Sofia Flight

To travel by plane, you need to get to Budapest International airport. As usual with flights, you’ll want to buy your tickets in advance. Tickets are usually non-refundable and can’t be cancelled. 

For travelling such a short distance, only direct flights make sense. The plane tickets cost around €136 for the 1 hr 15 minute flight from Bucharest to Sofia. It’s recommended to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight, and additional baggage fees as well as airport-hotel taxi costs may apply.

Bucharest to Sofia Flight
Departure times8:05AM, 6:00PM
Avg. Price 2 persons€272
Duration~1 hr 15 min
Operating CompaniesTAROM

Bucharest to Sofia Private Car Transfer

For speed and convenience, a private car transfer with Daytrip is the best way to travel from Bucharest to Sofia. You will be picked up at your accommodation, and the driver will take care of your luggage. You’ll then be able to enjoy door-to-door service to your accommodation in Sofia, and can even add sightseeing stops on the way!

Book a Private Car Transfer from Bucharest to Sofia

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