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Amalfi and Naples exemplify the best the Italian coast has to offer: the relaxed fishing village of Amalfi, with its colorful coastline and gorgeous sea views, and Naples, otherwise known as the birthplace of pizza. In each, you can enjoy rich culture, beautiful architecture, and of course, fantastic food!

The journey from Amalfi to Naples is rife with both beauty and history. Whether you decide to visit Pompeii, the city famously frozen in time, or stop at the Cantine del Vesuvio for a glass of local wine, this trip has a little something for everyone. By booking a private transfer with Daytrip you can take in all these sights and to make your leisurely ride truly unforgettable.

How to get from Amalfi to Naples

After spending time on the beautiful Italian coast, you might find yourself needing to get back to the Metropolitan hub of Naples. 

If you are travelling from Amalfi to Naples, you have several travel options. The cheapest way to travel from Amalfi to Naples is by public transport. However, there isn’t a direct route from Amalfi to Naples by bus or train, so you’ll have to take a bus or a ferry from Amalfi to Sorrento, and then take a bus or a train to Naples Central Station. The fastest way to travel from Amalfi to Naples is by car. This is also the best way to travel from Amalfi to Naples because it’s direct, sparing you the annoying transfers and overcrowded busses.

Amalfi to Naples by train

Since there is no direct train from Amalfi to Naples, you will need to get to Sorrento first by bus. From Sorrento to Naples, a train is a cheap and popular option among tourists. The Circumvesuviana train leaves daily from the main station in Sorrento every half hour from 6 AM to 10 PM in the high season, and a bit less frequently the off season. A one way trip takes an hour and ten minutes, and you can purchase your ticket at the station for 3.10 euros.  Keep in mind that these tickets can’t be purchased in advance, so they tend to be overcrowded or sold out. For an additional 4 euros you can shave 20 minutes off of the trip to Naples by taking the Campania Express, a special tourist line with guaranteed seats, air conditioning, and luggage storage. You can buy these tickets online at the EAV Campania website. These trains run less frequently than the Circumvesuviana and the schedule depends on the season, so be sure to check the time tables in advance. 

Sorrento to Naples by Train 
Train intervalsEvery 30 mins
First/Last Departure 6:01 AM to 10:00 PM
Avg. Price€3.10-8.00
Duration~50 mins to 1 hr
Operating CompaniesCircumvesuviana, Campania Express

Amalfi to Naples by bus

To travel from Amalfi to Naples by bus, the first thing you need to do is get to Sorrento by taking a bus. The Sita bus company runs from Amalfi along the coast to Sorrento from 6:30 AM till 7:00 PM and takes about an hour and 15 minutes, give or take. Tickets cost between 10 and 12 EUR and can be purchased at local cigarette shops, newspaper stands, or the Circumvesuviana station. However, a ticket doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a seat as these busses are often extremely crowded and sold out. 

Once you reach Sorrento, you are only a short ways away from Naples. If you are heading directly to the Naples Airport, the Curreri Viaggi shuttle service offers buses from Sorrento’s main station to the P1 parking area at Naples Airport for 10 euros. These busses leave every 2 hours from 6:30AM to 4:30 PM, except for Christmas and New Years. You’ll need to purchase your ticket on their website in advance to ensure a seat. The trip makes multiple stops along the way, taking an hour and 15 minutes to reach Naples, so make sure you schedule enough time to make your flight out of Naples. If you’re not heading to the airport in Naples, check our detailed guide on How to get from Sorrento to Naples by bus.

Amalfi to Sorrento by bus
Time intervalsEvery hour
First/Last Departure 6:30 AM/7:00PM
Avg. Price 2 persons€10-12
Duration~1hr and 15mins
Operating CompaniesSita Bus
Sorrento to Naples by bus 
Time intervalsEvery 2 hours
First/Last Departure6:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Avg. Price€10
Duration~1 hr 15 mins
Operating CompaniesCurreri Viaggi

Amalfi to Naples by Ferry/Hydrofoil

If you haven’t had enough of the sea yet, you can take a ferry from Sorrento to Naples. The Ailauro Hydrofoil will take you from the main port in Sorrento to the Moro Beverello Pier in Naples for just 13.10 EUR. The Hyrdofoil runs regularly from Sorrento to Naples but the schedule is dependent on the season, so make sure you check their website before the trip. Be aware that the speediness of this transfer won’t allow you much time for picture taking and it can be a bit of a bumpy ride.

Sorrento to Naples by ferry 
Time intervals5 per day
First/Last Departure8:10/14:25 (November- March)
Avg. Price€13.10
Duration40 minutes
Operating CompaniesAilauro

Amalfi to Naples by Private Car Transfer

For speed and convenience, a private car transfer with Daytrip is the best way to travel from Amalfi to Naples. You will be picked up at your accommodation and the driver will take care of your luggage. No crowded trains or busses or sea-sickness necessary! You’ll then be able to enjoy door-to-door service to your accommodation in Naples, and can even add sightseeing stops along the way!

Book a private car transfer from Amalfi to Naples

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