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Both Lisbon and Seville are vibrant and historically significant cities in the Iberian Peninsula. Captivating cultural traditions and impressive landmarks mean both cities have plenty to offer travellers on both short and long visits, and you can expect to remember your time in either.

Between Lisbon and Seville are some memorable sights, such as the gigantic Statue of Christ the King, the artistic Bacalhoa Winery, the UNESCO-listed town of Evora, the fortified city of Badajoz, the ancient Roman capital Merida, and the ancient Roman city so well preserved it was used as a filming location for Game of Thrones; Archaeological Ensemble of Italica. Of course, for travellers looking to experience these sights in comfort, and with their own custom itinerary, hiring a private car service is the best travel option.

How to get from Lisbon to Seville

If you’re travelling from Lisbon to Seville, you have multiple travel options. For travellers on a budget, the bus is the cheapest way to travel from Lisbon to Seville. The fastest way to travel from Lisbon to Seville is by car since it’s so convenient. It’s also possible to take a flight from Lisbon to Seville.

Lisbon to Seville by train

To travel from Lisbon to Seville by train, you’ll want to purchase your tickets in advance from the Santa Apolonia train station in Lisbon or online, as there is no direct train and you will most likely have to spend a night in Badajoz as these trains depart only once per day. The train from Lisbon to Badajoz departs at 8:15 AM, and has a connection in Entroncamento. The train from Badajoz is only departing at 6:52 AM and has a short connection in Merida. You would need to stay overnight in Badajoz because the train from Lisbon to Badajoz will take approximately 5 hours (stopover of 1 hour included). The train from Lisbon to Badajoz is operated by Intercidades, Regional, and Alfa Pendular, while the train from Badajoz to Seville is operated by Renfe. Train tickets from Lisbon to Badajoz cost €28 on average for the 5 hour trip. The train tickets from Badajoz to Seville cost €30 on average for the 4.5 hour trip. The distance from Lisbon to Seville by train is about 500 kilometers.

Trains have bathrooms on board, and usually offer a dining car.

Departs from Santa Apolonia train station
Time intervalsOnce a day
First/Last Departure 8:15 AM
Avg. Price 2 persons€118
Duration~9 h 35 mins
Operating CompaniesIntercidades, Regional, and Renfe

Lisbon to Seville by bus

To travel from Lisbon to Seville by bus, there are about 20 departures a day to choose from. Travellers can hop on the bus from the Sete Rios or Lisboa Oriente bus stations, and hop off at the Plaza de Armas or Estrada Prado in Seville, depending which bus operator you book with. The earliest bus is at 9:00 AM, and the last bus is at 22:00, However there are three main time intervals during the day, where multiple busses are leaving at almost the same time, usually about 30 minutes apart. The bus from Lisbon to Seville is operated by Alsa and Eurolines, with bus tickets from Lisbon to Seville costing between €15 for Alsa and €45 for EuroLines, for the 3 hour 30 min trip. The distance from Lisbon to Seville is about 460 kilometers.

All options offer direct service from Lisbon to Seville.

Departs from Sete Rios or Lisboa Oriente bus stations
Time intervalsVaries
First/Last Departure 09:00 AM/22:00 PM
Avg. Price 2 persons€30 or €70
Duration~6 h 30 mins to 8 h
Operating CompaniesAlsa, EuroLines

Lisbon to Seville Flight

To travel by plane, you need to get to Lisbon Airport (LIS). As usual with flights, you’ll want to buy your tickets in advance.

For travelling such a short distance, only non stop flights make sense. Flight tickets start around €83 for the one hour flight from Lisbon to Seville, a distance of 320 km. It’s recommended to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight. Do keep in mind that Spain is one hour ahead of Portugal.

Departs from Lisbon Airport (LIS)
Departure times7:10AM, 12:20PM, 10:00PM
First/Last Departure 09:00 AM/22:00 PM
Avg. Price 2 persons€170
Duration~1 h 10 mins
Operating CompaniesTAP

Lisbon to Seville Private Car Transfer

For speed and convenience, a private car transfer with Daytrip is the best way to travel from Lisbon to Seville. You will be picked up at your accommodation, and the driver will take care of your luggage. You’ll then be able to enjoy door-to-door service to your accommodation in Seville, and can even add sightseeing stops on the way!

Book a private car transfer from Lisbon to Seville!

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