About travelling from Lisbon to Porto

Lisbon and Porto are the two largest cities in Portugal, and have plenty to offer travellers planning both short and longer visits. With a vibrant culture and glocal recognition through the Globalization and World Cities Study Group, travellers will certainly remember any amount of time they spend in these colourful cities.

Between Lisbon and Porto are some memorable sights, such as the extravagant Pena Palace in Sintra, the historic town of Obidos, the holy city of Fatima, Batalha (the home of of the Dominican monastery of Santa Maria da Vitoria), the medieval town of Coimbra, and the colourful town dubbed as the “Venice” of Portugal – Aveiro. Of course, for travellers looking to experience these sights in comfort, and with their own custom itinerary, hiring a private car service is the best travel option.

How to get from Lisbon to Porto

If you’re travelling from Lisbon to Porto, you have multiple travel options. For travellers on a budget, the bus and RyanAir are the cheapest way to travel from Lisbon to Porto. The fastest way to travel from Lisbon to Porto is by train or car. For convenience, a car is the best way to travel from Lisbon to Porto, though it isn’t faster than other options.

Lisbon to Porto by train

To travel from Lisbon to Porto by train, you need to get to the Lisboa Santa Apol station or Lisboa Oriente station and purchase a ticket to Porto Campanha, or you can buy your tickets in advance online. The earliest train is at 6:30 AM, and the last train is at 9:39 PM, with trains departing every hour on average. The train from Lisbon to Porto is operated by Intercidades and Alfa Pendular, with train tickets from Lisbon to Porto costing €28 on average for the 2 hour and 45 minute trip. The distance from Lisbon to Porto is about 300 kilometers.

Trains have bathrooms on board, and usually offer a dining car.

Departs from Lisboa Santa Apol & Lisboa Oriente
Time intervals1-2 hours
First/Last Departure 6:30 AM/21:39 PM
Avg. Price 2 persons€50-62 2nd class, €74-88 1st class
Duration~2 hr 45 min to 3 hr 15 min
Operating CompaniesIntercidades and Alfa Pendular

Lisbon to Porto by bus

To travel from Lisbon to Porto by bus, there are about 20 departures a day to choose from. Travellers can hop on the bus from the Sete Rios bus station, and hop off at the Terminal Rodoviario in Porto. The earliest bus is at 00:15 AM, and the last bus is at 22:00, with 2 busses leaving every hour after 7 AM. The bus from Lisbon to Porto is operated by Rede Expressos and Renex, with bus tickets from Lisbon to Porto costing between €9-€19 for the 3 hour 30 min trip. The distance from Lisbon to Porto is about 310 kilometers.

All options offer direct service from Lisbon to Porto.

Departs from Sete Rios bus station
Time intervals2 per hour
First/Last Departure 00:15 AM/10:00 PM
Avg. Price 2 persons€38
Duration~3hr 30 min
Operating CompaniesRede Expressos, Renex

Lisbon to Porto Flight

To travel by plane, you need to get to Lisbon Airport (LIS). As usual with flights, you’ll want to buy your tickets in advance.

For travelling such a short distance, only non stop flights make sense. Flight tickets start around €10 for the one hour flight from Lisbon to Porto, a distance of 274 km. It’s recommended to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight, making this one of the slowest travel options.

Departs from Lisbon Airport (LIS)
Time IntervalsAlmost every hour
Avg. Price 2 persons€70
Operating CompaniesRyan Air, TAP

Lisbon to Porto Private Car Transfer

For speed and convenience, a private car transfer with Daytrip is the best way to travel from Lisbon to Porto. You will be picked up at your accommodation, and the driver will take care of your luggage. You’ll then be able to enjoy door-to-door service to your accommodation in Porto, and can even add sightseeing stops on the way!

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