Let’s face it; trip planning can be stressful, time consuming, and (at times) downright annoying. Thankfully, the internet has blessed us with a number of resources to help make the planning process easier. But which websites to choose from? Well, that’s where we come in. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite “go-to” travel tools tested by the experts. Whether you’re looking for a cheap flight or a swanky restaurant, these resources have got you covered!

Trip Planning Tools



Road Trippers

RoadTrippers lets you choose your starting destination and add in attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc. to your itinerary. The site also shows you the distance between each stop to help you make best use of your time.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is the largest travel guidebook publisher in the world. Find guidebooks (duh!) and detailed info about destinations, tours, and much more from all around the world.


Viator provides you an unlimited amount of handpicked, verified tours and activities for the destination of your choice. Reserve excursions directly with Viator to avoid long queues and hours of waiting.


Daytrip connects you with local drivers who will transport you from one city to the next. You can also choose optional sightseeing stops along the way that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach via public transit.

Flight Tools



Kayak is the perfect search engine (and a personal favorite) for locking down the best prices on airfare, hotels, car rentals, and more.


Momondo has an easy-to-use search engine that helps you find the best priced airfare. The search options show a number of flight options such as cheapest, quickest, and best overall.

Sky Scanner

Another great resource for finding cheap flight tickets. Skyscanner also has a “flexible-destination” option. This tool is great if you’re open to different destinations, giving you a list of cheap destination options to choose from.

Seat Guru

Want to find the best seats on your flight? SeatGuru shows you the preferred seats on all models of planes and which seats to avoid. Finding comfort in the air has never been easier.

Route Happy

RouteHappy shows you flights rated on “happiness” factors such as: size, entertainment, leg room, meal availability, wifi, etc. This helps you choose the most painless flight.

Hotel and Accommodation Tools



This isn’t your average hotel booking site. Booking.com provides you with the lowest prices without asking for any upfront fees.


Airbnb is an online vacation property renting site. It offers a great alternative to booking a hotel or hostel. The prices rival standard hotel rates and you get a more hands-on experience of the city.


TripAdvisor is the ideal research tool when planning your trip. It provides over 150 million user-submitted reviews on destinations, hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. from all around the world.

Now your next trip will be a breeze! 


  1. Tony mckinley

    Just finished a side trip to Gibraltar from Albufeira and back, three day breakaway. originally thought it was a little over priced , but we are really happy we chose daytrip, saved half a day traveling each way. Which saved having to stay one more night. Service by/from Daytrip was excellent, should you be fortunate enough to have Filipe as your driver it will be a bonus. Never would have found cataplana without his advice. Would highly recommend to this service. Ontario Canada march 15 2019

    • Team Daytrip

      Tony, we are very happy you enjoyed your Daytrip experience. We are going to tell Filipe how pleased you are with his company. Looking forward to accompany you in your next breakaway 🙂

  2. Afshan F Moosa

    how do you change your daytrip destination once its booked, I dont see any way to edit that?

  3. Hi DayTrip, We are planning trip to Greece and spending time around Peloponnese. would I need to book several day trips or can you book for a driver/guide for week ?

    • Hi Rhonda,
      Yes, you need to book every trip separately. Depending on the availability, you might be assigned the same driver for all trips or it might be different drivers.

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