A filling breakfast is the perfect opportunity to relax and gear up before a long day of travel. And what better way to immerse yourself in the culture than indulging in some local delicacies? Check out which European breakfast foods you should try on your next trip!

1. Drożdżówki, Poland


The word “Drożdżówki” translates to “buns” in English. It’s a sweet, Polish cheese roll topped with cheese curd filling. Alternatively, it can be topped with fruit, almond, poppyseed filling, etc. for a delicious sweet breakfast.

2. JajecznicaPoland

Source: http://www.kitchenbowl.com/recipe/HQpn1l6bfM/traditional-polish-breakfast

A traditional Polish breakfast meal typically consists of scrambled eggs (jajecznica) covered with sliced kielbasa in between two potato pancakes. The perfect savory breakfast meal to start your day!

3. Palačinke, Croatia/Serbia 


Palačinke is a thin, crepe-like pancake that can be prepared as a savory or sweet meal. The pancakes are typically rolled and filled with fruit, jam, chocolate, or cheese. Palačinke looks more like a dessert to us, but hey, we won’t complain!

4. Brioche, Italy


A brioche is a soft, fluffy croissant-like roll that’s been brushed with cream and egg and baked. It can be eaten plain or with custard, jam, or other types of spreads for a savory or sweet morning treat.

5. Pogača, Hungary 


Pogača is a scone-like bread that is nearly always a featured item in a traditional Hungarian breakfast. The specific type of bread is baked in the ashes of a fireplace, and later in the oven for the perfect warm and crispy delight.

Which European breakfast item has your mouth watering?


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