Traveling with children doesn’t have to be so stressful! Check out some tips and tricks we’ve come up with to help you plan a calm, hassle-free family holiday.

1. Choose a family-friendly accommodation/location

shutterstock_119582143 Don’t assume that all accommodations are family-friendly. Always do your research beforehand to make sure your accommodation is a good match for you and your family. A swimming pool, bathtub, and a TV can go a long way after a hectic day of traveling with kids.

2. Opt to eat in


Eating out is not only expensive, but also stressful for young children (and parents too!). Opt to buy your own groceries instead and create your favorite lunch/dinner at least once. This will keep the costs down, while avoiding potential restaurant meltdowns.

3. Keep a portable video player/tablet handy 


Never underestimate the power of electronics. Video players and tablets are perfect for keeping children calm and occupied during an especially long flight. (Just make sure they’re not using it throughout your entire vacation!)

4. Dress your child in bright clothing
shutterstock_152902007During your travel days, make sure your child is wearing brightly colored clothing. This will make them more visible and easy-to-spot in crowded areas.

5. Don’t forget their favorite toy!

shutterstock_262363379 There’s no reason to lug around all of your child’s toys while traveling. Most will end up getting lost or left behind. However, it’s always a good idea to bring along one or two of their favorite toys. A cherished teddy bear or book will give them a sense of home and keep them calm during the travel day.

6. Look into hiring a private transfer 


Hiring a private transfer service (such as Daytrip) easily takes the stress out of traveling. You’ll have your own vehicle/driver to safely guide you to your destination without dealing with a crowded bus or train.

What are some of your go-to tricks for a better family travel experience? 


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