Traveler's Choice: 7 Can't-Miss Sightseeing Stops

The Alpine town of Hallstatt
Lednice Castle


One of the best parts of traveling with Daytrip is being able to experience hidden gems along the way. With the help of our past travelers, we've put together a list of some sightseeing favorites. Read on to see which ones made the cut!1. Lednice CastleLednice Castle is is a gorgeous mansion located on the border of the Czech Republic and Austria. This reconstructed Baroque castle features balconies, small towers, and spiral staircases, all adding to its grandeur.

"We had 2 stops at Lednice and Kutna Hora and were able to admire the lovely scenery." -325susan, TripAdvisor 

Kutna Hora


2. Bratislava

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is a perfect sightseeing stop on your way through Central Europe. The vibrant, dynamic city combines both old and new.

"The ancient fortress of Devin (in Bratislava) was a beautiful ruin full of fascinating history and an unbeatable view of the Danube" -TooAmigos, TripAdvisor

Esztergom, Hungary

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3. Esztergom Esztergom is one of Hungary's oldest towns. It is full of historical and cultural sights, including the magnificent Basilica of Esztergom.

"We chose a stop at the Basilica of Esztergom, what a wonderful sight, so pleased we went there."-Gwen H, TripAdvisor 

Hluboka Castle, Czech Republic


4. Hluboka CastleThis Neo-Gothic fortress, deemed "the most beautiful castle in the Czech Republic", certainly lives up to its name. Hluboka Castle is surrounded by beautiful royal gardens and a park, both free to explore.

"We did tour the Hluboka castle, which is magnificent, highly suggested!" -Joyce H, TripAdvisor 

The Alpine town of Hallstatt


5. HallstattThe Alpine town of Hallstatt is one of Austria's oldest medieval villages. It's surrounded by striking nature, makes it a truly magnificent destination spot.

"Hallstatt was amazing...truly sublime...even in the light rain!"-mrraber, TripAdvisor 

Moritzburg Castle, Germany

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6. MoritzburgThis Baroque German castle is situated on its own private island. Moritzburg attracts thousands of visitors each year with its stunning four towers.

"They kindly recomended to stop on the way at Bastei (a national park) and Moritzburg (a castle). Both stops were amazing."-heee74, TripAdvisor 

The lovely town of Melk Austria


7. MelkThe lovely town of Melk is situated on the Danube River in Austria. Melk Abbey, a former palace, dominates the small, perfectly formed town. It stands crowned by towers and is deemed as one of Europe's great sights.

"He (the guide) also took us to Melk Abbey along the way and gave us time to explore the tiny village my grandfather was born in." -jrbrandeis1221, TripAdvisor

So, tell us, which spot would you most like to visit? 

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