Traveling to a new country? It’s always useful to learn a bit of the language before you go. You can find survival words such as “hello” and “goodbye” in any guidebook. Because of this, we’ve decided to think outside the box and provide you with some quirky words and phrases that may help you on your next Daytrip! Read on to see!

1. German

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Cheers! – Prost!

Sausage – Wurst (Because it’s basically a crime to be in Germany without enjoying a sausage!)

I’ll get the beer – Ich besorge das Bier

I love you – Ich liebe dich (For when you meet “the one”. Hey, it could happen!)

2. Czech


Cheers! – Na zdraví!

Enjoy your meal/bon apetit – Dobrou chuť

Really? – Fakt jo? (No, Czechs are not freely exclaiming the “F” word…it just sounds like it)

Would you like to dance? – Smím prosit? (For when the Czech pivo kicks in)

3. Polish


Cheers! – Twoje zdrowie!

Sauerkraut – Kapusta kiszona (This is a must!)

Coffee – Kawa (Because the coffee culture in Poland is too good not to try)

Will you marry me? – Wyjdziesz za mnie? (For when you’re feeling romantic)

4. Italian


Cheers! – Saluti!

Enough! (or that’s it!) – Basta! (A fun slang word for when you’re fed up)

Have a nice day – Buona giornata

How disgusting! – Che schifo! (To express your distaste in multiple languages)

5. Croatian


Cheers! – Živjeli!

A pint, please – Jednu kriglu, molim 

Seafood – Plodovi mora (So you can try some of Croatia’s amazing seafood without making a fool of yourself)

I’m lost – Izgubljen sam (We hope you don’t have to use this one, but just in case…)

6. Hungarian 


Cheers! – Egészségére!

What’s new? – Mi újság? (To greet a friendly Hungarian)

Good luck! – Sok szerencsét!

I miss you – Hiányzol

7. Slovenian


Cheers! – Na zdravje!

Enjoy your meal/bon apetit – Dober tek

Wine – Vino (Because wine is always a must)

Good luck! – Vso srečo!

So which is your favorite? Any fun words or phrases you’ve picked up on your foreign travels? Share in the comments below!

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